Natural Light

Photography with Kids

Natural light is usually your best friend when taking pictures of more than one child. Usually, a 30 min photo shoot is all they can do, so you got to make your shots count. So, a minimalist approach to shooting is best when taking pictures with a group of children.

Backlight with Natural Light

The most effective way to use natural light as a backlight has to do with the time of day you are shooting. Either early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun's light is not harsh. The last thing you want is your subjects face to be under exposed or to loose the definition of your  background.

Natural Diffuser

When using natural light and you don't have any light modifiers or equipment, it is possible to use natural diffusers. Shade is a natural diffuser that is available when you are taking pictures outside. As stated before, it I important that the subject stays out of the harsh sunlight.

Natural Light

Natural light is beautiful when used in the right context. Natural light can either make a photographer or break a photographer. In today's world, if a photographer can only use natural light then they are limiting their outdoor shooting time to just before sunrise and/or sunset.

This picture was taken around 6:30pm (about 30 minutes before Golden Hour) and the sun was  beginning to come down in the sky. The baby was backlit, but the sun was diffused by the trees and vegetation that surrendered her. This defused light resulted in a very soft light that allowed the baby to open her eyes without any squinting and allowed for that soft looking skin tones.

Natural light photography is still a great way to capture beautiful images. You may not have all the lighting equipment/modifiers and that is fine. Just go out, master your craft and have a great time creating beautiful pictures!


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