Night Shoot with Rotolight NEO


Using One Light

When using one light at night you have a few choices you can use. You can use a strobe monolight or constant lighting. For this shoot we used an LED light which produced a constant light that continually lights your subject.

Light Placement

It is very important when working with one light that you choose your light placement well. Hint: You want the light on your subject. Usually the light is placed in a frontal direction of your subject. The height of your light needs to be above your subjects head and at a distance that will generate a soft light, rather than harsh.

Sample Images Using One LED Light

We hope you enjoy these sample images that were taken one night in Anaheim California. You can do Photography anywhere, at any time.

Black/White Contrast

Using Black and white at night can be very catching. Just using one light, the blacks and whites create amazing natural contrast.

Using Ambient Light

At night, ambient light is your friend. Ambient light really make can make the difference in the pictures you take. Make sure to use any and every technique that can separate you from everyone else. You can see the ambient light in the background really makes this image POP!

Dramatic Lighting

When shooting at night, you can create dramatic images by composing ambient light into your picture. To accomplish a shot like this, you need to expose for the ambient light and set the amount of light as needed on your subject.

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