Photography Can Happen Anywhere!

Getting the light in the eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul and in photography, the eyes are the window to the emotion you want in a picture. This picture was created by manipulating light and adjusting for proper exposure.

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Location for the shots

This tree was the choice, prime location for this amazing shoot! Gotta love the RV in the background! When we learn how to manipulate light, we can take pictures anywhere! The two pictures on the right and the left were both taken under this tree!

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Getting the right pose

When lighting the subject, we want the light to be soft and draw the viewer into the picture. The angle of your subjects face can be moved in a way to create a more flattering/beautiful look. A picture does not just happen, there are a lot of factors in making art.

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The Photographer

Factors that separate photographers from picture takers.

  1. Composition...
    • Learning to compose a shot is the key to becoming a photographer. Composing a shot is looking at scene, seeing that scene through a camera, and capturing that in a picture. Composition in most cases is a natural talent and it can be difficult to learn it. However, with the right teacher, one can move in the right direction of learning composition.
  2. Lighting...
    • Lighting is the single most important factor in photography. Learning to manipulate light is essential to becoming a photographer. First thing we learn as photographers are: factors in a camera which control light: ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. Once we have learned how to use these factors then we then move onto flash and off camera flash. Ultimately, photographers are masters at controlling light.
  3. The Love of Photography
    • Finally, photographers love taking pictures! They love talking about how they take their pictures and they love sharing ideas on how they plan on taking new pictures. Either we have a love for photography or we do not... It is that love of photography that makes us one to go that extra mile to create stunning images. That love pushes us to be better photographers.

If you are a picture taker, or an aspiring photographer... Never give up! Never stop shooting! The best way to learn photography is practice and allow for constructive criticism. We can always learn if we are listening.

Note: Rotolight Neos and the Westcott eyelighter were used to create these images. 


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